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The Republic of Cape Verde is an archipelago country of 9 inhabited islands situated in the Atlantic ocean 500 miles west of Africa. Cape Verde is a peaceful democracy, independent from Portugal since 1975. The country is made of a Creole people of seamen, merchants and food-growers. The dominant religion is Catholicism (90%) and the culture has both European and African influences. Cape Verde has a moderate climate with a dry windy season (November-May) and a hot more humid season with very irregular rains concentrated on a short period  (August-October).

Crescent-shaped, the Cape-verdian archipelago is divided into two groups of islands : the northern Barlavento (in the wind) islands and the southern Sotavento (under the wind) islands. The landscapes within and between islands are extremely diverse, mountainous and volcanic, or flat and sandy, with lush vegetation or deserts, beaches or high cliffs diving into the ocean.

cap vert santo antao

Santo Antao and Sao Vicente are the north-western most islands of the Barlavento group. Santo Antao is the second largest island after Santiago where Praia, the capital city, is located. It is a rural mountainous island, ideal for trekking. One hour away by ferry, Sao Vicente is a dry, lower-lying volcanic island. Its huge bay and harbor made it an important commercial center since the mid-19th century. The island has an international airport, and Mindelo, the second city of the country, is an important cultural, administrative and commercial center.

Cape Verde, Santo Antao

By foot or by car, discover the island of Santo Antao :

  • its green and its arid valleys
  • its terraced agriculture and irrigation systems with levadas
  • its steep coastal paths and villages that literally seem to hang from the cliffs
  • far-west desert-like canyons interrupted by the sudden appearance of plantations
  • mountain summits as well as small and large volcanoes whose intriguing shapes offer grandiose panoramas
  • pebble beaches, as well as black or white sand beaches
  • the inhabitants, whose warm greetings and kindness you can always count on
  • local crafts, little known but worth discovering
  • you will taste fish, seasonal fruits, punchs and jams

In Sao Vicente don’t miss:Cape Verde, Sao Vicente, Mindelo

  • the gorgeous Bay of Mindelo
  • the turquoise waters of Laginha beach
  • the colorful markets, popular bars and restaurants
  • the rich cultural life of this lively town (music, exhibitions, carnival, theater)
  • sandy beaches and lunar volcano landscapes
  • the exceptional panoramas

Cape Verde, Sao Vicente, Mindelo


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