Your stay in Cape Verde

Cape Verde: vacations, tours, trekking and discovery
of the islands of Santo Antao and Sao Vicente

We organize personalized vacations and trekking in the islands of Santo Antao and Sao Vicente.

Holidays tailored to your wishes, your budget, and your fitness level: guided tours and hikes, other activities, accommodations, and transportation.

Vacations, walks and hikes

  • Full itineraries or day trips, short  or several week-long stay.
  • Hiking: 1 to 8 hours daily hikes, with elevations between 900 to 4000ft, done at your own pace, feasible with young children who can also ride on donkeys, one or two days to get in shape if you wish — a perfect remedy against stress!
  • Full itineraries, discovery walks, or day trips from different home bases to experience the diversity of landscapes and local life in Santo Antao and Sao Vicente — exploration of valleys and canyons, craters and plateaus, irrigation systems, or crossing the island.
  • Tours by car to visit spectacular locations and drive on magnificent coastal and mountainous roads.
  • Individual stays, stays with family or friends, or in group. Persons traveling alone or in small groups have the option of joining others for walks and hikes. These collective treks are opportunities to share good times and meet new friends.


Discover Cape Verde with a guide who will tell you about the history of the country, its culture, its flora and fauna, and with whom you can meet local inhabitants.

With your guide you will discover local life and curiosities; smell aromatic plants and taste fruits and vegetables; have lunch at someone’s home or share an impromptu picnic with a family; speak with children eager to meet foreigners and happy to pause for a photo (don’t forget to show them the picture before leaving!); and visit artisanal distilleries, craft cooperatives and other picturesque sites.

Your guide will adapt to your pace and hiking style (stopping to take photographs or draw, nature observations, stretching, swimming, running, shopping etc.). Available and attentive, he or she will do his or her best to fulfill your wishes and satisfy your curiosity.


Hiking and resting in Cape Verde, but also …

  • Sea outing, fishing, underwater fishing, kite-surfing, surfing, body-boarding and diving (Sao Vicente and Santo Antao)
  • Canyoning (all levels) and horse riding (Santo Antao)
  • Concerts, music outdoor or in restaurants and bars where you can also sing and dance
  • Exhibits, festivals, carnival, plays and other attractions
  • Tasting local delicacies: Katchupa, fejuada, fish, “grogs” (local rhum) and punchs …
  • Shopping for souvenirs of local handcrafts
  • Get a massage — after a hiking day or in case of muscle aches, it’s perfect!


in a family home, a small inn or a hotel.

The rooms we have selected for you, whether at people’s homes, small inns, or hotels are always comfortable, clean and welcoming. We selected them for their prices (from 25 euros per night for 2 people sharing), charm or location, and amenities (for instance: ocean views, town center proximity, tranquility, swimming pools) – places where you can rest and relax, and enjoy your vacation in your own way and within your budget.

Accommodations in remote areas include dinner and breakfast. At a stopover for the night, local inhabitants will welcome you and cook specialties for you to taste.


Some hikes start from the accommodation location. To reach other walking paths, public transportations (15 seat minivan) vary between 2 and 7 euros per person depending on distances. But these “aluguers” do not go everywhere and can be slow.

You may also wish to rent a private car with driver for the day, or to reach a specific location. They are sometimes necessary and go anywhere at any time. This is another way for you to travel on scenic roads and see more landscapes.

For full itineraries we organize luggage transport.